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Midweek Snippets

We're making our way there, ladies and gentlemen. The previous weekend is as far from us as the next one is to us. Have you started getting together any plans? We've got the gaming day at the library coming up this weekend. Gonna hang out and play some Guild Ball and hopefully Fujian Trader. But we've still got a couple days to get through, first. So let's stock up on some bite-sized gaming stories.

Today we have: Luxumbra: Infinity Collectors on Kickstarter, New Silvia Model Available From Brother Vinni, New DBA 3.0 East Frankish or Norman Army Pack Now Available From Baueda, Brigade Models Release Netherlands Aeronef, Gioconomicon Posts Photos From Nuremberg Toy Fair, February Releases Available From Terrible Kids Stuff, PicoArmor's War College is Open, KaYo Miniatures Clown Army Up On Kickstarter, MattimaoPaints Having A Sale On How To Paint Board Game Miniatures Book, Three new SCW 28mm flag sets From Minairons Miniatures, Company B Releases BA-10 Armored Car, Win this Painted Edo Scutter From Bombshell Miniatures, New Age of Sigmar Tokens and Templates Available from Advanced Deployment, Miss Cupidon Available From Predastore, and Oldhammer Goblins Up On Kickstarter.

Luxumbra: Infinity Collectors on Kickstarter

For the moment, Infinity collectors consists on a collection of four busts and one 75mm figure based on the design of the main Infinity characters. They have been sculpted in full detail and casted in high quality resin.

New Silvia Model Available From Brother Vinni

Welcome Silvia, new actiongirl in our cute range.
Maybe someone of you knows her :)
Because our customers have very different tastes,
we released this model in two options: naked and closed.
So, make your choice!

New DBA 3.0 East Frankish or Norman Army Pack Now Available From Baueda

Everything you need for a DBA 3.0 East Frankish or Norman army!

This DBA army pack contains 51 figures of which 27 are on foot and 24 mounted.

Include enough figures for most common options: Cinc 1 x 3Kn, 6 x 3Kn, 2 x 4Bd, 1 x 3Cv, 2 x 4Sp, 2 x 2Ps, 1 x 7Hd (15 elements in all) plus 2 tent models, accessories and figures to use as camp!

Brigade Models Release Netherlands Aeronef

Although not one of the conventional major powers, the Netherlands nevertheless has significant colonial assets at the end of the 19th Century, both in Central/South America and the Far East. The Royal Netherlands Air Fleet watches over the skies and seas of these far-flung territories with its force of unique twin-hulled Catamaran craft

We’ve had a pair of Dutch models in our Aeronef range for some time. As well as remaking those, we’ve created three new designs to round out the classes. The de Ruyter class heavy cruisers remains the largest vessels in the fleet, but they’ve been joined by new light cruiser, frigate and torpedo boat designs.

The Dutch now get their own dedicated fleet pack with two of each of the largest four models, and a torpedo flotilla with five torpedo craft and a frigate as leader.

All of the models, apart from the torpedo Nef, feature separate turrets – the smaller ones are the existing secondary turrets from the Gaulois, while the larger ones are a new design. These are available separately in accessory packs of 12 along with all of our other turret models.

VAN-1001 – de Ruyter class Heavy Cruiser – £5.50
VAN-1002 – Zeeslang class Destroyer – £2.00
VAN-1003 – Tromp class Light Cruiser -£3.00
VAN-1004 – van Speijk class Frigate – £1.50
VAN-1005 – Flores class Torpedo Catamaran – £0.50

VAN-7047 – French Single Medium Turret (x12) – £1.50
VAN-7048 – French Twin Medium Turret (x12) – £1.50

VANFP-1002 – Netherlands Fleet Pack – £22.00
VANFP-1011 – Netherlands Torpedo Squadron – £4.50

Gioconomicon Posts Photos From Nuremberg Toy Fair

like every year, we published the photos taken at the Nuremberg toy fair in our gallery:

There are also photos of anticipated games like Century: Spice Road (Plan B Games), Hunt for The Ring, Divinity Derby (Ares), Alone (Horrible Games) , Space Freaks (Lautapelit) and many others.

February Releases Available From Terrible Kids Stuff

We are happy to introduce our second release of 2017. Beastman in 75mm scale a collaboration between Karl Kopinski and Allan Carrasco for Nether Kingdom range. Doll Fighter in 40mm scale sculpted by Gautier Giroud for our Miscellaneous range. We also created a limited edition resin cast of Steelarm, since the white metal edition was out of stock for such a long time, this will be the last chance to get it.

The discount code (15%) for these releases is ILOVETKS discount voucher active from now till February 21st! Only for Beastman, Doll Fighter and Steelarm.

PicoArmor's War College is Open

Ladies and gentlemen,

As we are Oddzial Osmy's exclusive distributor in North America, and as part of our website renovation, we're paying particular attention to developing the community of 3mm gamers and expanding the wargaming community. We've started by adding some blogs focused on painting of our little jewels and opened a multi-topic forum via a discussion board.

To promote the discussion board, we're asking for people to register and post a short (one or two line) gaming biography in the Getting Started/Introduction section. Those who register by by March 1st will be entered in a raffle for a PicoArmor gift certificate worth $21 USD, plus shipping. The reason for that particular value will be revealed in March.

We'll look forward to seeing you on the boards!

KaYo Miniatures Clown Army Up On Kickstarter

Hello my friends. This is KaYo. I'm tackling an old story I wrote many years ago. "The Legend of the Red Nose" coming of age story set in a world of clowns.

Please help me bring these characters to life while getting a fun addition to your 28mm gaming!!

MattimaoPaints Having A Sale On How To Paint Board Game Miniatures Book

"How to Paint Board Game Miniatures : A Beginners Guide to Painting Board Game Miniatures." is on Sale for Valentines week!
The sale will run from Feb. 13th until Feb. 20th.

If you have ever played a miniature board game and wished that the miniatures that came with it were painted, you are not alone.
We are facing an epidemic of masses of unpainted board game miniatures! So much colored plastic…
Now you can do something about it!
“How to Paint Board Game Miniatures” is The Beginners Guide to Painting Board Game Miniatures.
This book teaches a quick and easy way to paint your board game miniatures. Specifically aimed at the gamer who wants to spend more time playing and less time painting, this book contains all the information you need to learn to paint your board game miniatures.
Available on Amazon now.

Three new SCW 28mm flag sets From Minairons Miniatures

we've just launched three new flag sheets at 1/56 scale --that is, for 28mm gaming. This time we've chosen the Spanish Foreign Legion as well as Republican and Nationalist Armies. As usual, each DIN A7 format sheet comprises up to three historical flags each, slightly textured so as to simulate waving effect. After this triple release, our SCW flags collection at this scale has now expanded up to 4 different sets.

Company B Releases BA-10 Armored Car

Company B has just released an early war Russian armored car. The new BA-10.

Win this Painted Edo Scutter From Bombshell Miniatures

This month Bombshell Miniatures is giving away a painted Edo Scutter used for demos and playtest games of Counterblast. To be eligible for the drawing you must share the original Facebook Group post. The winner will be announced in the Counterblast Facebook Group on March 1st, 2017.

New Age of Sigmar Tokens and Templates Available from Advanced Deployment

The AoS is here and we've got a plethora of Tokens to support the newest Edition!

Miss Cupidon Available From Predastore

Valentin's day ... Miss Cupidon is now in stock, the first Pin-Up scale 35mm, casting in resin, limited run of 250 pces with certificat, amazing model sculpted by Gautier Giroud.

Oldhammer Goblins Up On Kickstarter

Impact! Miniatures evokes some legends of the '80's via KickStarter with a revival of 290 different Heartbreaker fantasy miniatures in the Oldhammer style from famed sculptors Kev Adams, Tim Prow, Chaz Elliot and Phil Lewis. Original masters were licensed and obtained from the estate of Chris Bledsoe formerly of Heartbreaker and ZN Games to bring these miniatures back into full production.

With 15 stretch goals already reached in the KickStarter, the original Goblin, Dwarf, Orc, Human, Elves Chaos Knights, Earthdawn and Artillery Teams miniatures originally from Heartbreaker are now available as rewards. Greatly discounted rewards are available for getting more than one set of the miniatures (Sets of 18 to 32 minis are priced at $28 USD per a set).

New stretch goals are currently being unlocked daily that are now adding free extra different Heartbreaker minis to the sets.

Hordes of Oldhammer miniatures are making their return to the marketplace! Come join in the final week for some great miniatures and deals before its over.