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Midweek Snippets

Is this week going by slowly for everyone else, too, or is it just me? I don't know if it's because I'm working from home as the new office continues to be set up, or if it's just that this week is one that's taking forever. Maybe it's that I don't currently have water in the apartment (the county is coming out today to figure out what's up with that). Whatever it might be, if I'm going to make it through the rest of the week, I need to power up with some bite-size gaming stories.

Today we have: Mantic Games Announces The Walking Dead: All Out War Premium Collector's Edition Diorama, Khurasan releases late 16th century landsknechts, Oddzial Osmy’s 3mm February Releases Arrive at PicoArmor, MegaMinis Running Robots Kickstarter, Journey To Ragnarok Coming To Kickstarter Soon, Final Day for Savage Worlds: Zombie Squad On Kickstarter, New Legionary Heavy Weapon Platform: Quad Heavy Thunder Gun Available From Kromlech, and Elder Dice Kickstarter Happening Now.

Mantic Games Announces The Walking Dead: All Out War Premium Collector's Edition Diorama

Eeny, Meeny, Miny, Moe accurately portrays the dramatic moment Rick Grimes, his son Carl, Michonne, Maggie, Sophia and Glenn come face-to-face (or rather face to baseball bat)with the tyrannical Negan. Each Survivor is beautifully sculpted in 28mm scale, along with a diorama base to place each miniature on. The set also includes an ‘alternative’ head for Glenn.

Due for release in March, Eeny, Meeny, Miny, Moe… costs $49.99/£34.99/€49.99 and can be pre-ordered from the Mantic Games website now. Included in the set are six resin miniatures, a resin diorama base and collector’s edition Survivor cards for Rick and Carl. What’s more, Negan can be removed and used as a gaming piece during play.

Khurasan releases late 16th century landsknechts

We are very pleased to release the lastest figurines for our 15mm late 16th century range -- those universal infantry mercenaries of the late 16th century, the German Landsknechts. They are available now.

The term "Landsknecht"continued to be used for German infantry until at least the 1590s, although by this period they might just be called "Germans" or "Fussknechts." Landsknechts and other German mercenaries seemed to be on virtually every European battlefield of the late 16th century, from France to Muscovy, from Scandinavia to the Balkans.

Note that by this period German infantry were gradually replacing the Pluderhosen with billowy trousers without the vents, but both continued to be widely worn, side by side -- actually in the same infantry units -- as period art clearly shows.

The Germans fought in large squares of pikemen, and these still included a certain percentage of halberdiers. Accordingly, both German pike sets have the option to be bought with a dozen halberds in addition to their pikes (so the pack comes with 24 weapons and 12 figurines).

The new sets are:
Later Landsknecht/German Armoured Pikemen:
Same with Halberds added
Later Landsknecht/German Unarmoured Pikemen:
Same with Halberds added
Later Landsknecht/German Arquebusiers
Later Landsknecht/German Infantry Command

Oddzial Osmy’s 3mm February Releases Arrive at PicoArmor

PicoArmor (Oddzial Osmy’s exclusive North American distributor) is pleased to announce that Oddzial Osmy’s new releases are now in stock.

US-6113 F-105 Thunderchief (4 pcs) - supersonic fighter-bomber
US-6114 F-5E Tiger II (8 pcs) - light jet fighter

CH-633 ZBD-03 IFV (15 pcs) - Chinese airborne IFV

WHU-604 40M Turan I (15 pcs) - Hungarian medium tank armed with 40mm gun
WHU-605 40M Nimrod (15 pcs) - Hungarian self-propelled anti-aircraft gun
WHU-606 43M Zrinyi II (15 pcs) - Hungarian assault gun armed with 105mm howitzer

NAP-642 Prussian landwehr (15 pcs)
NAP-643 Prussian landwehr - command (15 pcs)

MegaMinis Running Robots Kickstarter

The basic pledge of $45 nets you a pound in weight of metal figures; a total of 25 containing 83 separately cast parts. My 5th Kickstarter contains new and old pieces, many of which have not been available since 2013. Unlike my previous Kickstarters there are no stretch goals. Just one big cheap pile of robotic madness!

Plus, I have included many add-on options from cyber-grunts, to units of security drones. I’ve spent the last two years making well over 100 molds for this project which can be purchased till March 30th 2017. I will begin shipping pledges as early as April with the bulk shipping in May of 2017.

Journey To Ragnarok Coming To Kickstarter Soon

The idea to write Journey To Ragnarok comes from our passions: the 5th Edition of the oldest Roleplaying game and, of course, Norse Mythology.
Every single event, NPC or encounter that will cross adventurers’ road is the result of more than 15 years of love and research for documentation, through readings and travels.

Journey To Ragnarok is a Norse Mythology setting for 5th Edition, with adventure modules from 1st to 15th level for across The Nine Worlds.
It will include:
- Settings for each World
- A new playable class: the Rune Master
- New Archetypes for every class
- In-depth Norse Pantheon
- Magical and Mythological Items
- Monsters and Encounters form The Nine Words
- Rune Divination system (working like Tarots to build the adventures)

Final Day for Savage Worlds: Zombie Squad On Kickstarter

The Zombie Squad is a Savage Worlds Sci-Fi RPG where you play as Ex Military Criminal Black Op Units, called Penal Squadrons, that are sent out on missions either too dangerous or too dirty for Earth's Military forces.

You are deniable and expendable and expected to accomplish your mission whatever it takes. With the skills and abilities to operate behind enemy lines or undercover on the many planets available to visit in the game.

If you have ever wanted a game that mixes Star Wars, Aliens and Firefly and throws in a pinch of the Dirty Dozen and Inglorious Basterds then The Zombie Squad is the game you have been waiting for.

We funded within five hours of launch and have raised over £6,500 so far. We are entering our last 60 hours of the campaign, and still have lots to offer our backers even beyond the current £8,000 stretch goal.

New Legionary Heavy Weapon Platform: Quad Heavy Thunder Gun Available From Kromlech

today we have a new release !
A new model for our Legion Armoury line:
Legionary Heavy Weapon Platform: Quad Heavy Thunder Gun

Self-propelled heavy weapon system for infantry support.
This one is armed with Quad Heavy Thunder Gun is best used against mass of enemy light infantry.

Elder Dice Kickstarter Happening Now

Each set of nine polyhedral dice features one of three Lovecraftian symbols: The Great Cthulhu, the "Star" Elder Sign, and the "Branch" Elder Sign. The dice sets are contained in their own matching Grimoires with a snapping magnetic closure. Plus, there are sets of d6s in each design available for anyone who needs to roll d6s by the fistful.