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MiniWars unveils new website with new player finder

MiniWars has launched their newly updated website with a new player finder, photo-poster and other such fun things for gamers.


From the announcement:

MiniWars is a new website with a dedicated online wargame player, hobbyist and club finder. There are search tools, you can find opponents, clubs, or buddies near you. Get yourself on the map and join the game!

Miniwars offers superb features. Miniwars360 offers you the opportunity to upload photos of your miniatures and rate others, and also with 360 degree photos! We encourage commission painters by offering the 360 facility with the ability to easily link to your ebay listings.

Miniwars thrives on player / hobbyist feedback. We have been able to make fantastic improvements and had lots of new signups in a relatively short period. Miniwars is created by players and hobbyists and we want your feedback! Please like our Facebook page and make a comment about what you like on miniwars and what you want to see!