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Mirror Box Games releases Chaosmos

The universe is coming to an end.
... Party!... or Panic!... or... something, anyway.
In Chaosmos from Mirror Box Games, the universe is ending and the hunt is on! It would seem that the universe is a living organism (I think that makes us parasites living inside it... but I'm not entirely sure) and it is coming to the end of its life. However, hidden amongst the stars is the Ovoid. This odd artifact is believed to be a new universe in egg form. Plus, whomever is in control of the Ovoid at the very end, the new universe will imprint on them and the new universe will "imprint" on them, like a baby bird with its mother.

The basic game consists of:
10 Planet Hexes
6 Wormhole Tiles
4 Asteroid Fields
1 Chaos Clock
1 Cosmic Pool Tile
1 Void Tile
10 Alien Sheets
10 Alien Miniatures
10 Alien Screens
76 Equipment Cards
5 Tip Cards
10 Planet Envelopes
1 Envelope Box
4 Combat Dice
18 Hypertokens
4 Base Tokens
80 Landing Flags
16 Planet Effect Tokens
10 Upgrade tiles
1 Singularity Gate Tile
1 Barren Planet Tile
3 Wormhole Tokens
48 Chaos Tokens

Stay tuned later this week for a review of Chaosmos here on TGN (I'll be working on that later this afternoon, actually).