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Monday Terrain Corner

Usually, I would start this post with talking about how it's Monday and it'll be ok because the weekend will be here soon. For many of you readers in the US, though, you've got the day off. Obviously, since you're reading this, I don't have the day off (though I guess I could have typed all this up yesterday, but then I wouldn't've had a Sunday off... but anyway...), but that's alright. I'd need to bring you the news, anyway.

So, without further ado, today in the Terrain Corner we have: Escenografia Epsilon Open Again, Heroic Maps Geomorphs: Basic Dungeon Now Available, Combat Plaza: Pwork Wargames Sci-Fi Gaming Mat Now Available, Gates and Walls for Samurai Castle Builder series released, and Manorhouse Workshop Posts Production Update.

Escenografia Epsilon Open Again


Epsilon open again the on-line store. we have worked in new ideas for epsilon. Carlos Elias and me (óscar Sánchez) have created new items for different catalogues.
The first change is discontinued the Torii Gate because it was very difficult to produce. We are very unhappy but is not possible offer this item for €25 only and we understand that more expensive will not attractive.

Heroic Maps Geomorphs: Basic Dungeon Now Available

Basic Dungeon

Basic Dungeon is a geomorphic set, comprising 14 10x10 square battlemaps and 7 5x10 rectangular end-piece battlemaps which can be arranged in multiple layouts. The tiles depict a classic dungeon, with damaged flagstones, debris, winding passages and larger chambers. The 7 end-piece battlemaps are ideal for giving a natural edge to a geomorphic tile and feature stairs and ends. The tiles can be combined together in milions of ways, giving limitless unique and interesting dungeons. Just rotating a single tile can radically change the layout of a dungeon. The corridors and rooms are unfurnished, allowing you to decide exactly what's in them by using your own paper or 3D furniture.

Combat Plaza: Pwork Wargames Sci-Fi Gaming Mat Now Available

Combat Plaza

The Game Mat Combat Plaza is a PVC or CLOTH made rollable terrain mat, ideal for wargames, in size 4x4’ (122x122cm), 3x3’ (92x92cm), representing the scenery of a large square of a futuristic megalopolis.
The Wargame Mat Combat Plaza offers the possibility of setting even better your sci-fi battles, allowing you to exalt your sceneries and your miniatures in an urban firefight never seen before. The mat is a perfect Science-Fiction setting for futuristic game play and for skirmish fights! Are you ready to battle?

Gates and Walls for Samurai Castle Builder series released

Build a Japanese Samurai Castle with the Samurai Castle series paper model terrain set. After the first set "Tower" comes the "Gates and Walls" providing an easy and affordable way to build a Japanese Castle of any size. Combine the modules to either create a small fortification structure or build a huge castle.

This set contains walls and standard gates of different sizes plus three bonus "special" gates for more variety. The modules are connectable via paper clips or its own connectabase system.

Manorhouse Workshop Posts Production Update

Hi to all backers!
As promised mid-July, thanks to all of you who sent their pledge managers, the production of our bases has been started the 1st September, quite in advance on our timetable!

During August the molds and instruments necessary to the production have been created, and in the meantime, our big order for the 3D Bases material done end of July brought us the needed material (about nearly 2 tons of it!)

So here we are, already producing, and we are giving you a sneak-peak of some production results.