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Monday Terrain Corner

This is gonna be a pretty short week for me. It's like it's already Wednesday, in a way, since there's only 2 more days after this to the weekend. But it's not actually Wednesday. It's Monday. As such, that means my Robin Hood/Star Wars shirt and a Terrain Corner, rather than my Ministry of Silly Walks shirt and a Snippets.

Today in the Terrain Corner we've got: New Wizard Tower and Holiday Sale Happening At Tabletop World, 4Ground Holiday Sale Happening Now, Heroic Maps - Terrain: Nebula Star Field Now Available, New Ruined Homestead Available From Micro Art Studio, and Heroic Maps - Port Fanchone Now Available.

New Wizard Tower and Holiday Sale Happening At Tabletop World

Hello guys!
We finally finished the mighty Wizard Tower and are really happy how it turned out. :)
Check it out:
Note that we have a new and improved website on-line. Please let us know if you experience any problems while browsing it.
And don't forget to check out the Christmas Special Offer!

4Ground Holiday Sale Happening Now

Heroic Maps - Terrain: Nebula Star Field Now Available

A printable battlemap for RPG games or wargames such as X-Wing, Star Wars, Starfinder and other Sci Fi settings.

Contents: A 50 x 50 map depicting a star studded nebula in deep space. Use the full map, or crop and print sections to use.

File formats are:
300dpi pdf with hex, square and gridless versions
300dpi full size jpg (hex, square and gridless), for poster printing or VTT.
72dpi VTT ready jpegs

New Ruined Homestead Available From Micro Art Studio

A set of 7 resin cast pieces of ruined walls.
They can be put separately or together as a ruined homestead on your gaming table.
Works great with any historical, steampunk, fantasy or similar gaming system!

Heroic Maps - Port Fanchone Now Available

If you're setting off on a jungle adventure, you need somewhere for your ship to dock. Somewhere that also offers a drink, supplies and somewhere to stay before you head into the dangerous interior.

What better place to start your jungle adventure than Port Fanchone?

Hugging the coastline of an unforgiving and hostile continent, the small settlement of Port Fanchone grew around a tavern that began life as a trading post. A few more hardy adventurers and merchants now call the anchorage home, although it's a constant battle against the jungle and its scaly inhabitants.

A 30 x 30 map depicting a small coastal settlement near a tropical jungle. This small port boasts a simple tavern and bunk house, a shop for supplies, a warehouse and a few small homes. The port is located by the estuary of a river that leads to the jungle interior, and is overlooked by a forested plateau.