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More Blutrausch Add-Ons Added To Rum & Bones

So the other day we had the Blutrausch Legion added to the Rum & Bones Kickstarter campaign. It's a whole new Orcy faction that you can have join your high-seas adventures. But what if you want more than just the basic set? Well, that's where you can pick up the Blutrausch Hero Pack 1 as well as some Dice.

I know I'll be picking up a set of those dice. I've got the black ones already that I really like. And I really dig the olive green.
As for the Heroes pack, you get one of each character type (Captain, Brute, Swashbuckler, Quartermaster, and Gunner). That basically doubles the amount of figures you can pick from to be on your crew.

Just over two days left to get in on the action.