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More Company Lists for Unbridled Fury

Tor Gaming have released even more Company Lists for the Unbridled Fury rules. From their announcement:
Today we see the second bunch of the Unbridled Fury existing Company Lists released. This time they come with a Sci-Fi flavour and we’re calling this little bunch the ‘Rebellion and Response’ Just because. Maximum Squad: Maximum Squad exists to finish the jobs that other units cannot complete. When no other option is available, call the professionals… Renegade Militia: Every repressive government can earn itself a rebellion: when people are held under the boot of repression it tends to bring out a desire for freedom. Covert Ops: Unique situations require unique responses. Not all tactical problems are solved by brute force. When the going gets exceptionally tough, you need troops that are tougher! You can find these little gems on the sci-fi section of the Unbridled Fury Companies List page