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Mr. Game Party Board Game Up On Kickstarter

Margrave Games is running a Kickstarter campaign for Mr. Game, their chaotic party board game. The game sort of has a Fluxx feel to it, where the starting rules are pretty simple and straightforward, but as the game progresses, things get more and more jumbled and turned-around as players play cards that move other player's pieces, change the board around, or alter it in other ways. Any rules disputes are settled by "Mr. Game," a player who is chosen as the final arbiter of any situation not expressly covered in the (intentionally vague) rulebook.
The campaign is up now and will be running for the next 28 days.

From the campaign:

Mr. Game! is a board game that begins like any other. Players roll the dice and move around the board. The first player to make it to the goal wins. Although straightforward at first glance, the crazy fun happens when cards come into play.

Along the way, players draw cards from a deck filled with bad ideas. These cards change the game in dangerous and unpredictable ways. Move the goal, move other players, or even change the landscape of the board! Bend the game to your advantage or just mess with other players! The choice is yours.