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New Character Add-Ons Available for 1-48TACTIC

WWII saw many different new weapons and tactics used out on the battlefield. It'd be impossible to represent each and every single way a trooper was kitted out during the conflict... but that doesn't mean companies can't try. Baueda has added 6 new characters as add-ons as part of their 1-48TACTIC WWII skirmish game Kickstarter.

From the update:

All of the following characters can now be ordered as part of the 1-48TACTIC Kickstarter campaign:

48105 Individual miniature pathfinder with Thompson SMG

48106 Individual miniature pvt. with Winchester Model 1912 shotgun

48108 Individual miniature PVT. WITH M1 Garand + grenades

48205 Individual miniature Sniper with Kar98k + sniper sight

48206 Individual miniature Grenadier with mp40 + grenades

48210 Individual miniature Grenadier with Kar98k + Panzerfaust 60

get them now to unlock even more fantastic options!

The campaigns a bit more than 3/4 of the way to their goal with still 29 days left on the clock.