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New concept art for MERCs

MERCs has some new pieces of concept art for some new ISS armor and weapons for you to oogle.

From the preview:

I intentionally delayed showing off much ISS prior to Texico. We wanted to get the models out for the Texans first. However, with the way we are printing the boxes and getting the starter kits going, these two groups will be releasing simultaneously.

So! There's no reason to wait any more. This week I'll be dumping pretty much all the resources created for ISS on the forums. Development concepts, final art for the cards, and 3D sculpts of the all the characters. If you follow Brian's tweets, you've had a taste of ISS. BTW if you don't follow, you should! There are all sorts of tasty surprises that show up there. However, this thread is getting the mother load.

I'll be posting stuff everyday leading into the next week. First up, ISS turns, armor variants, and some guns!