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New fighters for Arena Deathmatch

Avatars of War send two new combatants out into the field with a pair of new Arena Deathmatch releases. For you stealth-lovers, there's the Black Shadow, a Dark Elf with stealth to spare. On the other end of the spectrum is the Naga Queen, whose four arms are just that much more deadly than two when fighting.


From the announcement:

Two new Avatars have arrived to the Arena Lvdvs from the Isle of Banishment…

Hidden in the shadows, the Dark Elves´ Black Shadow is an expert at hitting unseen, leaving only a dead body that will reveal her presence. Fast and agile, these twisted Banir like to poison their weapons to swiftly end the life of their opponents, who die without ever seeing their murderer, making them lethal enemies in the arena.

Unlike her dark ally, the Naga Queen is an elegant and proud being. Her four arms make her an excellent melee fighter, but Nagas are also great shooters with magical abilities. The most dangerous skill of these Avatars is however, its innate ability to petrify his enemies, turning temporarily their flesh into cold stone.

As usual, the next time you run your Arena Lvdvs card maker, it will auto update with these new two Avatars of War.