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New for Victory at Sea: Orion, Destroyers and Swordfish

Mongoose Publishing has some new releases out for Victory at Sea. Hunt down the enemy with Orion and remember your password with flights of Swordfish.


From the release:

The Victory at Sea range continues to grow, and we have just released four new packs to expand your fleets.

The HMS Orion makes an appearance, rounding out the complete Leander-class, and is accompanied by J, K, and N-class destroyers.

Facing against them is the stalwart 1936A destroyer of the Kriegsmarine, but the Royal Navy always keeps something up its sleeve and in this case it is the first aircraft to be added to the range - the Fairey Swordfish!

The Swordfish models (as with all our aircraft) come with their own stands but can be mounted on standard plastic hexagonal stands if you want a bit of extra altitude on your table!