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New Ottoman Janissaries Available for Pike & Shotte from Warlord Games

I've been doing this job for a while now. I've seen the term Janissaries used all over the place on historical figures. It wasn't until this news post that I found out that the term Janissaries comes from the Turkish for "new soldier." You learn something new every day. Well, if you want to pick up some new soldiers for your Pike & Shotte armies, Warlord Games has got you covered.


This new box set contains 12 metal Janissaries armed with swords and shields. They also have an officer, standard bearer, drummer, and sergeant. Also included is a ranged detachment of 12 Janissaries armed with arquebuses (arquebusi? arquebees?... guns). They also are led by an officer. Then, to make sure everyone can stand up, there's a set of plastic bases.