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New Pledge Level for Fujian Trader

Thinking Past has made a new, slightly more economical pledge level for their Fujian Trader game on Kickstarter. The new level is not only a little cheaper, but should also make shipping the game cheaper as well. So it's like you save twice.

Not sure about the game? Check out my review (here) to see what I thought.
(spoilers: I loved it)


From the campaign:

Hi travelers,

We have a new reward tier for everyone. Introducing the Economy tier! It's the more economical version of Fujian Trader. The silver and goods (silk, rice and iron) in this version of the game will be made out of chipboard. All other game pieces will still be made out of their original materials like you would find in the regular $65 tier. By making some of the pieces out of chipboard, we can also cut down on the shipping costs of the Economy tier. Despite where you live in the world, you won't pay over $30 for shipping. If you know anybody who wanted to back Fujian Trader but doesn't have the budget for the $65 game, let them know about the Economy tier!