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New Pre-Orders Posted From Spartan Games

Spartan Games likes to give you all a good lead-time on getting your orders in for their new releases and conveniently places them all in one place in their webshop. Well, they've got a new page set up for the sets that will be shipping out April 27th. Lots of space going on this time around, but some ground-based action at the end.

Kicking things off is Dystopian Wars Fleet Action. This rules set is to Dystopian Wars as the fast-play rules were for Firestorm Armada. Dystopian Wars Fleet Action is fully compatible with the current Dystopian Wars rules. Want to jump in right away? There's a new 2-player box set to go along with it.

Speaking of Firestorm Armada, the Xelocians are making an appearance. Halo: Fleet Battles more your space combat game of choice? Well, there's new sets available for that as well, with new ships for both the UNSC and Covenant forces.

All are available for ordering now.