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New Releases and Changes to the Relics Range from Tor Gaming

Tor Gaming has their newest Relics releases up and available in their webshop. Along with that, there's been a rather extensive bunch of changes to their catalog. There's some discontinuations of certain codes, since those models will now be available in different sets. There's some reorganization of certain starter and unit packs. They've got updated prices for those new sets as well.

From the announcement:

As part of our repricing and repackaging into larger units, the following new releases and changes are being made the the Relics range this month.

New Releases (Prices are MSRP)
TG-RELN2 Ruina 1 model £18.00
TG-RELO1 Dmoder+Nappa 8 models (2 Dmoder 6 Nappa) £32.00
TG-RELV2 Sol & Elvspon 3 models (2 Sol 1 Elvspon) £20.00

DISCONTINUED with immediate affect – Now available via starter sets ONLY
TGRB7 Company Sergeant Major 1
TGRO7 Niwian 1
TGRV8 Evocatour 1
TGRN4 Specialis Pueri 1

Discontinued as of 20th April 2015 for reissue using new product codes and prices

TGRB2 Grenadiers
TGRB4 Royal Arcanum Guard
TGRB5 Royal Marksman
TGRB8 Company Sergeant Major 2
TGRB10 Colour Party
TGRB13 Puppeteer
TGRB14 Bomber

TGRO5 Beorn
TGRO8 Niwian 2
TGRO12 Ealdmoder

The Vaettir
TGRV4 Huntawalu 1
TGRV5 Huntawalu 2
TGRV7 Elvspon
TGRV9 Evocatour 2
TGRV13 Vaelad

TGRN5 Specialis Pueri 2
TGRN10 Degener
TGRN11 Domini

Reissued packs, their codes, pack contents and prices (Prices are MSRP)

These packs will come with any Lingering Affect and/or a Damage counters if they require them.

TG-RELB2 Grenadiers 3 models £9.00
TG-RELB3 Royal Arcanum Guard 1 model £7.00
TG-RELB4 Royal Marksman 2 models £9.00
TG-RELB5 Company Sergeant Major 1 model £7.00
TG-RELB6 Colour Party 2 models £9.00
TG-RELB7 Puppeteer 1 model £7.00
TG-RELB8 Bomber 1 model £8.00


TG-RELO2 Beorn 1 model £8.00
TG-RELO3 Niwian 1 model £7.00
TG-RELO4 Ealdmoder 1 model £10.00

TG-RELV2 Elvspon 2 models £7.00
TG-RELV3 Evocatour 2 models £8.00
(1 Evocatour + 1 Elvspon)
TG-RELV4 Vaelad 2 models £15.00
(1 Vaelad + 1 Elvspon)
TG-RELV5 Huntawalu 2 models £15.00
(1 Huntawalu + 1 Elvspon)

TG-RELN2 Specialis Pueri 1 model £7.00
TG-RELN3 Degener 1 model £16.00
TG-RELN4 Domini 1 model £16.00