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New Releases Available From CMON

Lots of releases coming out today. CMON's got several, themselves. If you're a fan of Rum & Bones, there's a new faction, some new mercenaries, as well as some deep sea creatures available. If you're a fan of simple bluffing games, there's Kronia, which is one I personally enjoy. These are available now at your LGS as well as online.

From the announcement:

June brings with it the official start of summer. It’s a time to consider making offerings to the gods for good weather or to take a trip to the sea. Whatever your plans are this summer, CMON has some titles hitting your FLGS today that will fit the bill.

In Kronia, players vie to win the favor of the gods atop Mount Olympus. They take on the role of spiritual leaders hoping to become the next Elected. Over the course of 12 rounds, they will make offerings to the gods to earn Favor tokens. Zeus, Artemis, Apollo, Athena, and Poseidon all can be won over if the right offering is made. Players start the game with the same hand of offerings, ranging from lowly grains all the way up to statues made in the image of the gods. Each round, three Favor tokens are placed out on the three different temples. Then, one at a time, players select an offering to place face down in front of the temple of their choice. Once all of the offerings have been made, players will have one chance to swap out their card or move it to another temple. Reading their opponents, and anticipating which Favor tokens they’re most interested in, plays a huge role in the decisions that they make. Not all gods are created equal. Players can earn more points by pleasing Zeus with their offerings than Apollo for example. This can create more competition for the more valuable gods’ favor. However, it also creates opportunities for a wily player to earn Favor tokens at a lower investment. Winning Favor tokens with lower offerings, saves more powerful offerings for later rounds, and can also earn points. When a player wins a Favor token with an offering numbered 1-5, they put the card aside for end-game points. The gods appreciate brave decisions. After 12 rounds, points are totaled and a new Elected is named. It will take a player with wisdom and bravery to ascend to the position.

If your summer is more likely to be spent at sea, CMON has the perfect titles to complete your trip. A trio of extras for Rum and Bones: Second Tide are sailing into your FLGS today! Strange magic is at work on the high seas. It’s pulled in creatures from another dimension, including the Blutrausch Legion. Led by Captain Highbrow, the Blutrausch Legion is a crew of Orcs in search of Davey Jones’ treasure. It’s gold that they’re after, but if they find a good fight instead, they won’t shy away from it!

Along with the?Blutrausch?Legion, the Holy Crusaders of the Iron Inquisition have set sail for adventure. These righteous?Heroes are looking to convert heathens… and maybe pick up some gold along the way. This set of five?Heroes can be used to supplement any crew you might take to sea with, and comes complete with character boards and unique skill cards. Praise the lord and pass the cutlass!?

The sea is a cruel mistress,?with?many?strange creatures at her beck and call, ready to drag any landlubbers down to the crushing depths. The Sea Monsters expansion pack contains new miniatures for both the Kraken and the Sea Dragon from the Rum & Bones base game. But also included are three all-new creatures to crawl aboard. Each one has their own dashboard, complete with new abilities to prey upon the surface dwellers.

Whether communing with the gods atop Mount Olympus or riding the waves on the high seas, CMON has got some exciting new games hitting your FLGS today.