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New Releases for Relics from Tor Gaming

Tor Gaming has several new releases for Relics that they're showing off. For the doll-like Britannan, there's the Heavy Dragoons. For the sadistic Nuem, they've got the Praefectus Equitum. And for the former-elven Vaettir, there's the Vicario.
Don't know about Relics? That's ok, you can check out my review I did.


From the releases:

The guilds of the Praefectus Equitum are highly specialised inventors and are familiar with the workings of all mechanical devices and contraptions. The art of their machining is central to a core belief where speed is considered to be of the utmost importance but they work closely with the other guilds of engineering to maintain a healthy balance and variety in their work.

In battle they themselves will adorn customized wheel devices to increase the speed at which they can bring their malice down to bare on their enemies. Rolling thunderously across the battlefield they are able to smash through ranks of their opponents with ease, redirecting their attacks wherever they see fit and performing quick lightning raids on identified key targets.

In the glorious days of Old Britanans expansion, the heavy cavalry had played a pivotal role in ensuring countless victories in the name of King Jorje, but like so many others during the great collapse, they were decimated and their loss was greatly mourned throughout the kingdom.

The reinforced armour of the new Heavy Dragoon Companies goes a long way in protecting King Jorjes prized assets and their extra weight adds a much needed punch to the Britanan assault. They are one of the Empires most resilient regiments and are able to easily shrug off all but the most devastating injuries due to this thickly plated armour. This is then further reinforced by using the favoured tactic of forming up into an armoured column formation that greatly increases the strength and effectiveness of their incredibly tight knit defences.

In battle, the Vicario form up into small groups and stalk the land, deviously hunting their enemies. Often they will gang up on a significant threat and co-ordinate their attacks to maximise the damage caused but they are also sufficiently threatening when operating alone.

Another favoured tactic of the Vicario is to manipulate the ground beneath the feet of their enemies in order to hinder their advancements, making it treacherous and impassable. Of all their many skills, it is the potent ice projectiles that they throw so easily at their foes that are most frequently employed on the battlefields of Relicia.