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New Shadowsea Releases Previewed

Down under the surface world we know is another layer. Here, a deep, dark, underground ocean has its own inhabitants... but also its own riches. It's into this subterranean, submarine world that you find yourself in Shadowsea. AntiMatter Games is showing off some new releases they'll be coming out with for the game in the next couple months, including a huge kraken.

Here is a sneak peek at the DeepStar Kraken wild sea creature, due for March release. This was a stretch goal for the DeepWars - Hunters of the Abyss kickstarter. These nasty creatures use hypnotic lights to transfix their prey, so running into one of these is not good for a warband's health.


Here are new releases for ShadowSea for February and March. These models will all be resin casts. They include the Iron Hand of Yosoth, the Fortune Hunter Pirate Adventurer and Prince Corym ShadowShifter for the Dark Mariners.