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New Stretch Goal unlocked in Dungeon Lords Kickstarter

Mr. B. Games made it through another stretch goal in their 20th anniversary Dungeon Lords Kickstarter campaign.

95k goal


From the campaign:

Unbelievable! Another stretch goal unlocked. You guys are great! Now, your Damage Counters and Evil Counters will be glass cubes, which not only look cool but feel cool, too. :) This is a smiley-face stretch goal, so those who are purchasing the GHOST upgrade kit will also get these glass cubes.

Now we are ready to reveal a new stretch goal. And we feel it is time again for some gameplay stuff. We will ask Vlaada to design new Kickstarter-only cards: one or two new traps, spells, and events, carefully balanced to integrate well into the existing game. This is a smiley-face stretch goal, and if we reach it, these cards will be included in the GHOSTY package, too.

Last but not least, we have made you a set of Dungeon Lords avatars! There are 5 of them, and we hope that everyone will find the perfect character. Show them off proudly and don't be shy to spread the evil (um, we meant ... joy).