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New TAG historical releases

The Assault Group have added new historical figures to their online store including some Seventeenth Century Command groups. German Officers From their website:
I'm delighted to add to our shopping cart today, the following new 17th Century German miniatures for our ever increasing TYW range;
  • REN196 German Officers
  • REN197 German Sergeants or Ensigns
  • REN198 German Drummers
Theses twelve completely new miniatures are designed to give much greater scope, to gamers and collector command groups in their Thirty Years War regiments. There is no reason for wargames units to be lead by the same for cloned soldiers, and TAG’s range offers over a dozen packs (52 minis) of commanders to allow your regiments to look different from each other and different to your opponents. Also added to day are more new miniatures for our English Renaissance range, in truth we aren’t really working on a Classic ‘ECW’ range by we do have a small selection of English troops to allow games to create regiments for the Civil Wars or for English-men serving ‘abroad’ in the larger TYW conflicts.