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New Tribe Added to HATE Kickstarter

In the post-apocalyptic world of HATE, certain things that were once familiar have been twisted and deformed. The very plants that sustained the majority of life on the land became unrecognizable, with tendrils and grasping vines looking to hunt out prey. The result is the Sarrassa, a grotesque tribe that hovers between live and death. This new tribe has been added to the Kickstarter campaign as an add-on.

From the campaign:

Hail Savages!

It's time to explore one very different corner of the HATE universe, with a tribe that knows a thing or two about growth and resilience.

For $25 this Kickstarter Exclusive Optional Buy gives you the full Tribe of Sarrassa. This tribe composed of the sentient fungus creatures known as Garrics is very different from anything else in the world of HATE!

The Tribe of Sarrassa Optional Buy comes with:

11 Highly Detailed Miniatures
11 Figure Cards
8 Tribe Cards
6 Transparent Upgrade Cards
1 Counter Base for the oversized Champion

Still 15 days left to go in the campaign, if you're interested.