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New Year Two Collector's Edition And Dreamscape Expansion Available For Ascension

When games have been out for a while, sometimes it can be difficult for new players to know quite where to start. Or, long-time gamers for the system might want to get something special for the game. The fellows over at Stone Blade Entertainment have you covered. They have their Year Two Collector's Edition of Ascension now available. Also, for those that have everything for Ascension (such as me), they have a new expansion available. This one's called Dreamscape.

The Collector's Edition is much like they did for their Year One Collector's Edition, in that is has an entire year's worth of Ascension releases in one place. You get Storm of Souls, Immortal Heroes, and all the promos released for that year. But it's not just the cards as you have them, they all have foil finishes. It also comes with a deluxe game board, storage box with dividers, and token bag.

As for Dreamscape, stay tuned to TGN where I'll be posting a review of the set tomorrow.

Either way, both of these are available now.