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North Star purchase 1866 range from Helion

North Star Military Figures have purchased the 1866 range of historical figures from Helion.

1866 range samples

From their announcement:
We recently bought the 1866 metal figure range from Helion. This is an extensive range of Prussians and Austrians in 28mm size for the Seven Week War of 1866.

 The first photos are up on the site now, the rest will follow soon.

The range was not completed by Helion, we are working to add those troop types they didn't do over the next year. The artillery is our first priority and is being worked on now.

The painting guides produced by Helion are available to download still (for free), and are an invaluble source of information on the armies of 1866.

The 1866 range is available to all our retailers world-wide. They are being carried by Caliver Books to UK shows, also look to the Gripping Beast Megashop at Salute 2011 for the full range. Any pre-orders for the 1866 range that you'd like to collect at Salute come with a 10% discount off the retail price.