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NuÆther RPG Up On Kickstarter

Sure, many of us play video games. But how many of us actually get to play inside video games? That's where NuÆther comes in. It's a new RPG that puts you in the world of video games. And not just a fantasy setting like you'd find in an RPG, but a video game RPG, itself. However, not all is right int his world. As Æther seeps its way into the landscape, people and things are changed. Will you be able to stop this?
The game is up on Kickstarter now.

From the campaign:

A wild and completely unreal world, NuÆther feels like a videogame world more than a traditional TTRPG. Farmers have an infinite supply of bread and cheese wheels to sell, even though their farm only seems to grow a small patch of wheat, and they have just one cow. Here, you can travel wicked woods filled with witches and their hellish animal servants, raid old temples that have a history beyond the known world, and get away with incredible treasures.

But something is wrong with the world. A great stream of Æther slips its way through the thousands of floating islands in this world, altering the inhabitants of the world in strange ways. Lost limbs are regrown in new forms, bodies are overcome with strange oozing goo, and powerful spells suddenly spark to life on hands that have never before known magic. Take up your mutations and magic, fetch your equipment and ready your mechanical augmentations. It’s adventure time.

The Kickstarter is already over its funding goal with still 22 days on the clock.