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Oni Card Game Up On Kickstarter

Spring has come (well, coming to the Southern Hemisphere, anyway)! It's time to go out and look at all the life coming back to the land. But don't get too distracted or a tricky Oni may try and trip you up, causing you to fall. That's the story behind Oni, a card game by Treesharp Games that's up on Kickstarter now.

In the game, you and your other Oni are trying to trip up you intended target. Those target cards are all placed face-down in a circle around a center deck. Using various moves of rotating the circle, or swapping cards, and such like that, you try and get your target into one of the 3 card spaces in front of you. Trip the right target, but not one belonging to your opponents!

The campaign is in their last few days and they're tantalizingly close to their goal. Just a few more pledges and they can make it over the goal line.