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I've said it before: I never want to go in the ocean. The idea terrifies me. But I still want to see all the amazing creatures that live there. That's why I love aquariums. And if you'd like to build
Pre-made adventures make a DM's life that much easier. They can just be slotted into your game where you need them, usually with just a couple tweaks to make it specific to your campaign, and off you
Droids, droids, droids everywhere. Why try and recruit an army when you can just build one from raw materials (though... I guess the Republic does this with their clones, too...)? As the Clone Wars er
Modiphius is bringing more danger to your Elder Scrolls: Call to Arms tabletops. They have two new kits available, both based on the Draugr. You can head over and pick up either the Draugr Ancients or
Bats aren't really all that scary in real life. They're basically sky puppies. Lots of people are afraid of them nonetheless. In the world of Middle-earth, they're a bit scarier. And you can add these
He who controls the worms controls the spice. And everyone knows that I like spicy things. That would make Dune a lot different if it was just powdered capsaicin. Anyway, those wanting to get into the
Instead of being tied to an adventure path, Paizo will be releasing some new Starfinder stand-alone adventures next year. They'll be perfect to just drop into your games when you want. Have yourselves
2020 has been... a year... for sure. But at this time of year, it's best to look to the future to what the new year will bring. That's what we have here. CMON is giving us a look inside where they're
New releases available from Fantasy Flight now. There's the Prophecy of Kings expansion for Twilight Imperium. There's also four new X-Wing expansion kits. All of them can be picked up new from your L
This week's pre-orders from Games Workshop includes a lot of Space Marines. Specifically, the phlebotomists that are the Blood Angels. You can head over and get their new codex as well as some other m