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I was just on Roll20 this weekend, playing an RPG session. Even after the pandemic relaxes and we can get back to normal, our game will still play online, as it lets us get players from all over toget
Heiki Strike Alternative is currently funding over on Gamefound. But would you like to get a copy for free? Well, now's your chance, as Japanime Games is holding a giveaway. Head through and put your
"More options." It's what every player wants for their character in an RPG. And with the Player's Guide for Star Trek Adventures, they get just that. This new book has tons of new options, new setting
If you thought this week was loaded up with new pre-releases from Games Workshop, next week is much the same. 40k, Age of Sigmar, Aeronautica Imperialis, <whoop! whoop! whoop!> Adeptus Titanicus
Monday already? Well, I guess we knew it would happen sooner or later. Ah well. Better make the most of it by making your gaming tables look a little better. Quick one, but still. Today in the Terrain
The Tricorder is an iconic piece of tech from the original Star Trek series. And now, you can get your very own. But instead of filled with various electronics, it's fill with everything you need to p
A new Zombicide: Green Horde scenario is up for your gaming enjoyment from CMON. Perfect to add to your spooky game night, head through and download Neverending Night now, for free. Man... that's how
Every army is changing as Deadzone 3rd Edition makes its way to your tabletops. To give you a heads-up on how everyone's being updated, Mantic is going faction-by-faction. This time around, it's the E
<whoop! whoop! whoop!> Giant robot alert! We have giant robot alert! What's setting it off is the new primium Stormcrow model from Catalyst Game Labs for Battletech. They've also got a bag of bi
Age of Sigmar and The Middle-earth Strategy Battle Game are the two systems getting pre-orders this week from Games Workshop. And, out of everything, it's the Stormcast Eternals getting the bulk of th