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Spark. It's the ship with the best and most advanced AI system in the entire universe. And you're a part of her crew. You must head with your cargo to the four corners of the galaxy, but there's a lot
From a miniatures game based on comic book characters to a board game about creating comic book characters. That's what's happening in Age of Comics: The Golden Years. It's a worker placement game all
Funko Pop! Baby Yoda
It's almost hard to believe that the Batman Miniatures Game from Knight Models is 10 years old. *snifflesniffle* They grow up so fast! And though it's their birthday, it's you that's getting the prese
Before they became quite so virulent and corpulent, the Death Guard were still a bit different as an Adeptus Astartes chapter. They're getting a pair of new Praetors for The Horus Heresy that you can
It's Friday and I'm in low gear. Had a doctor's appointment yesterday and got my flu shot, along with other stuff. Not saying anything against getting vaccines, but I definitely am in low gear today.
"But I already have Kingmaker" you say. And yes, you may have the first edition, but what about the second edition? And what's more, this book is more than just the Pathfinder version. There's also th
I am awful at growing houseplants. My apartment's on the bottom floor, surrounded by hills and tall trees. I can't get much natural light in here. So, try as I might, I just can't get anything to grow
The folks over at Seb Games have been working on a lot and they've got an update packed with tons of new stuff. They've got free downloads of rules, some previews of some new minis, and further info a
Plaid Hat Games has several things up for pre-order now in their webshop. They've got the new Summoner Wars decks, plus new tokens and mats. Head on over and get your name on the list to get these new
As the name suggests, there's more than one League in the Leagues of Votann. They're much like the different chapters of the Adeptus Astartes. More similar than different, but still with unique rules