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Paizo Posts New Starfinder Armory Preview

You can't really just grab any suit of armor, start wearing it, and expect to be able to just do all the things you regularly do unless you've been trained in its use. You're not going to be as mobile, as flexible, or nearly as well protected unless you work with that armor. In the new Starfinder Armory, there's new character options that show when you've really put in the time and effort to learn just how armor works, and that's what we get a preview of here.

From the post:

While the hundreds upon hundreds of weapons, suits of armor, and items in Starfinder Armory, can technically exist in a vacuum (space joke!), none of them amount to much without a skilled user. The final portion of Armory is devoted to new class options, many of which help characters leverage their shiny new items to even better effect. Plus there's a new archetype that brings the Augmented, a growing cultural movement of self-modification, to any character who wants to hack their body to perfection.

Envoys get a slew of improvisations and expertise talents that make them even stronger team supports, granting allies extra actions to quaff serums or reload weapons. They can also become even better battlefield medics, demolition experts, and computer whizzes!

Mechanics learn new tricks and even get additional drone mod options: you might teach your drone the Barricade feat or install cybernetic or magitech augmentations into its chassis. What's magitech, you ask? A new type of augmentation with dozens of options, included in Armory!

Mystics forge a new connection, which introduces two new spells