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Photo Galleries from Day 2 of Gen Con

Day 2 is about to be in the books (as it's only got about 15min. left and then I'm going to go to sleep). It was quite a wild and busy Friday. The frantic-ness of Thursday turned into a more calm, but no less busy Friday. Everyone was buzzing about the games that they'd picked up the day before or tried overnight.

I, of course, once more made my rounds of the place and got some galleries of photos over on the TGN Facebook page.

I got to check out Gods & Monsters by Altered Reality. I hope to get a demo from world-renown artist, Heath "BA" Foley sometime soon.

Undercity is the new board game from Privateer Press. I got some photos of that set as well.

Sticking with Privateer Press, here's a look at the figures and board from the Unleashed set for the IKRPG.

Gale Force 9's booth had WWE Showdown, the D&D Dracolich, the new Firefly expansions and more.

Fantasy Flight's display case was filled with a bunch of the new board games they've recently announced.

Fantasy Flight Games put out some previews of new ships coming for X-Wing.

We posted the story of the Conan: Rise of Monsters Kickstarter getting underway. They're here and I got to take a look at the figures.

Spartan Games had some new ships they were previewing for Halo: Fleet Battles.

Spartan also had some prototype figures of the ground-based miniatures game they're working on also based on the Halo universe.

And last, but certainly not least, a look at the Mantic display cases.