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Plaid Hat Games Announces Crossfire

You'll get caught up in the...
Wait, no. That's not what's going on here. Plaid Hat is not making a new version of the bb-shooting game (unfortunately...). Instead, they're taking you back to the Specter Ops universe with Crossfire. Will you be able to protect the Raxxon VIP, or will you be the ones trying to make sure they don't make it to their destination?

From the announcement:

Deception and Negotiation are your greatest tools. Complete your mission, no matter the costs. Introducing Crossfire, a game in the world of Specter Ops. Emerson Matsuuchi has partnered with Plaid Hat Games again to take players back into the dystopian struggle between Raxxon and A.R.K. This time, players will be competitng in two teams to either protect or assassinate a Raxxon VIP, while trying to determine if other players at the table are really who they claim to be, all while the clock is ticking.

Crossfire will be available this summer.