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Plaid Hat Previews New Hunters for Specter Ops: Broken Covenant

In the cyberpunk sci-fi world of Specter Ops, Hunters come in all shapes and sizes. Each one has honed their skills and augmented their bodies for peak performance of their assigned tasks. In Broken Covenant, four new Hunters will step up to find out what's going on with Raxxon's history, and make sure the public knows. In this preview, we get a look at those Hunters.

From the post:

Our sacrifices have not been in vain. Even now our agents are zeroing in on an ancient Raxxon facility. The name of that facility? Raxxon Pharmaceutical Headquarters. That is right, Faithful, before Raxxon Global there was Raxxon Pharmaceutical and we have found what used to be its beating heart. The information our agents uncover there will surely bring Raxxon’s dark past into the light.

Greetings, Hunters! We've received word that members of A.R.K. are planning to infiltrate one of our most precious facilities, and it's up to your team to locate and eliminate the threat. Let's introduce you to the other Raxxon Hunters that you'll be serving alongside.