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Prepare for Planetfall

Spartan Games has announced Planetfall, their new sci-fi minis game set in the Firestorm Armada universe.

PFBB01 cover art


From the announcement:

Spartan Games is hugely excited to announce the much-anticipated launch of Planetfall – a fast-paced, action packed game of massed 10mm armoured and infantry conflict set in the Firestorm Armada galaxy.

Devastating tanks, sleek aerial units, crushing artillery, orbital drop-ships and elite infantry forces fight over objectives, each side seeking to achieve their key objectives at the expense of the other. Planetfall uses an ugo-igo system, with an activation mechanism based around Helixes – the building blocks of every force. Games are tactical, combat is ferocious, and the gameplay engine is built around Spartan Games’ established Exploding D6 mechanic, making it fast and intuitive.