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Preview the Kyndrithul Lieutenant Pack for Descent Posted by Fantasy Flight Games

Bleh! Bleh! I vant to suck your blood! Bleh! Bleh!
Ok, I doubt that Kyndrithul actually sounds anything like the world's worst Bella Lugosi impression, but a vampire he still remains, and his Lieutenant Pack for Descent is on display over on Fantasy Flight Games' website.


As is customary, you're getting more than just a plastic figure. There's also cards to help you bring Kyndrithul to any Descent campaign you may be playing. He comes along with a 10-card Plot Deck that you can use to attack the heroes at any point. You can, through your efforts, help keep heroes down, forcing them to use extra strength whenever they want to use a specific ability of your choice. Also, being a Vampire, he's good at playing other mind-games with opponents as well as gaining health when an enemy is defeated.

Bleh! Bleh! Indeed.