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Privateer Press Seeks Web Professional

Maintaining websites is hard. Trust me, I know. And I'm basically at the stage where I think computers are run by little gnomes and sprites that sometimes go on vacation or have a coffee break, so everything stops working for seemingly no reason, only to start back up again also for seemingly no reason. If you're much more tech-savvy than me (and that doesn't take much), then maybe you should apply for the Web Professional job that just opened up at Privateer Press.

From the posting:

Privateer Press is seeking a junior- to mid-level web administration and development professional to develop, manage and maintain its web presence in order to facilitate fast and reliable end-user services.

The web professional will be responsible for configuring, securing and maintaining all websites as well as managing their integrations with other SaaS. They will work closely with the graphic design department to implement new pages, and with both internal and external hosting solutions to deliver these pages to the world.

The web professional is also responsible for emergency response and disaster recovery of our servers, working in collaboration with external hosts as needed.