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Rather Dashing Games Announces We Come In Peace

The Alliance of Six Planets has had its troubles, but this time, it's all-out war. Each civilization has declared war and now it's time to invade. Take control of your group's offensive and defensive forces as you wage war on your neighbors. That's the story behind We Come in Peace (obviously an ironic title :P), a new dice game that will be available later this summer.

The game seats 2-6 players, each one looking to be the last one standing in the game of planetary annihilation. Each turn you'll get more offensive and defensive dice that you can use to attack your opponents while fending off their attacks. However, each round you won't be able to defend against everything, so you must allocate your resources as best possible to limit damage to your planet. The game is quick to play and is suitable for gamers age 8 and up.

The release date is August 1st, with Gen Con attendees getting a chance to pick it up first. If you're headed to Origins, you'll be able to try out the game there.