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Relic Knights December Releases Now Available

Ninja Division has the latest sets for Relic Knights now available over in their webshop. Cerci Speed Circuit gets a pair of releases in the form of the Wrecker and the Pit Crew (sort of two ends of the spectrum there). The Noh Empire gets the new Render (it's a real model, not just a render), because oni with sci-fi guns is fun. Black Diamond gets a new mini-tank. I remember seeing one of these when the Kickstarter campaign stuff was coming through. It's cute. Finally, the Star Nebula Corsairs gets... well... their Corsairs box. Seems an appropriate thing to get.


From the website:

Relic Knights December releases are here just in time for Christmas! Make sure to take advantage of Soda Pop’s 20% off Holiday Sale.

Now available in the Soda Pop Store!

US Domestic shipping cutoff date for Christmas is DECEMBER 17.