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Resin Rolljordan Necro & Volmarian Dwarf Fantasy Football Teams Up On Kickstarter

It's amazing how different a figure can cost when made out of different materials. I know that's pretty common knowledge, but it still often blows my mind. Case in point: Impact! Miniatures and Royal Art Games have a Kickstarter running now in order to make a couple of Rolljordan fantasy football teams out of resin, as opposed to the metal that they're currently made in. Doing so will basically cut the price in half for said teams. Go check them out now.

About the campaign:

Impact! Miniatures is running a KickStarter finishing this week as a joint venture between Royal Art Games and Impact! Miniatures to bring two incredible looking metal Fantasy Football teams from Rolljordan into affordable resin for about half the price of the metal teams to give more gamers the opportunity to own these great models.

The Volmarian Dwarf team is 32mm scale and a full team of 16 players is only $49. The Necro Undead models are 28mm and a full team of 18 players is only $49 as well.

Due to an unlocked stretch goal all comes come with a free cheerleader or star player miniature as a bonus extra and the project is only $1000 away from including free dice or a football marker token for every backer.

Project ends Thursday, May 11th.

The Kickstarter is more than 4x funded, but only has a couple days left to go.