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Review Roundup

Ah, Saturday. The start of the weekend. For many of us here in the states, though, it's an hour shorter. To be honest, I already went ahead and moved my clocks ahead an hour. It's not like I've got anything other than this scheduled for the day. I mean, It's Saturday!
But I also need to get you these reviews.

Today we have: Dead Throne, Draconis Invasion, 7 Ghosts, Robin Hood and the Merry Men, Secret Unknown Stuff: Escape from Dulce, Flip and Find’s Diner, Welcome to Centerville, Master of Orion: Conquest, Codenames: Duet, Portal of Heroes, Professor Evil and the Citadel of Time, and Felicity.

theMCGuiRE review:

Dead Throne Review

theMCGuiRE review takes a look at DEAD THRONE a new game from Sharkee Games and coming to us through kickstarter. This game is a fantasy adventure game at heart but offers a very cool PvP and questing component that makes it a strong entry for me. you will traverse the board looking for items, questing and hunting down medallion and region stones. Can you be the first player to reach the castle with either all the region stones (heroes) or all the medallion pieces (Saladar) for the win? Or would you rather defeat the mighty dragon and win the "Crown of the King"? Its up to you in this open world adventure game! This one is a fun title and I am impressed with the simple mechanics but high player interaction you generally do not see in an adventure game.

Draconis Invasion Review

theMCGuiRE review takes a look at Draconis Invasion a new deck builder from Passport Games and recently Kenji Inc. This is your standard deck builder but offers two very nice mechanics I like and will keep you wanting to keep coming back for another round (watch the video for these as I think they make this title a fun and enjoyable experience). I definitly recommend playing this title with a group of friends although it offers a solo play experience as well. The solo experience is good but I think this game really stands well as a group experience. Great artwork and excellent packaging design.

Undead Viking Review:

7 Ghosts Review

Robin Hood and the Merry Men Review

Secret Unknown Stuff: Escape from Dulce Review


Flip and Find’s Diner Review

Flip and Find’s Diner is a 1-4 player game (I am a little unsure how much fun this would be 1 player though) based on memory and tactics. The guys at Spontaneous Combustible Games have been putting their heads together to come up with something very different from their last release of Pests, and this time they have aimed it at a family audience. This is the perfect gatrway game to get your little ones into tabletop gaming, it is colourful, fast, fun and most important of all there will be a winner!

Board Game Quest:

Welcome to Centerville Review

Welcome to Centerville is played over three rounds, with scoring happening after each round is complete. You will track scores for both wealth and prestige, but your final score is the lower of the two. Being the most prestigious person in Centerville isn’t worth much if you are penniless.

The actions you can take each round are determined by a Yahtzee-like dice rolling system. You can roll (and re-roll, and re-roll) your dice each turn. Once you are happy with the result—or out of rolls—the dice are spent to carry out actions.

Master of Orion: Conquest Review

Master of Orion: Conquest is a two-player card game that simulates the planet for planet battles that occur in the PC game of the same name. Each player takes a starter deck and builds in cards from their own card row. The ultimate aim is to destroy the opponent’s homeworld in about 30 minutes to an hour.

Codenames: Duet Review

Confession time. I’m not a very big fan of Codenames. I think it’s a fine game, but I just never got the hype for it. People who play it constantly, or said it changed the dynamic of their game group are on another planet than me. It was always one of those games where I’d play it if someone asked, and then quickly move on. It was fine but forgettable.

But I have an open mind, so I figured I’d give Codenames: Duet a chance when publisher Czech Games Edition was kind enough to send one over for review. Thankfully this wasn’t just another rethemed version of Codenames, but a whole new way to play it, cooperatively! Could this be the spark that was always missing in Codenames for me? Let’s find out.


Portal of Heroes Review

In Portal of Heroes, your goal is to be the first to score 12 or more points through the activation of character cards. Each player begins with a small sheet representing their portal, which can hold two character cards. Once character cards are activated, they are removed from the portal and the player gains any abilities and victory points on the card.

The game’s bridge-sized cards come in two decks: one deck of pearl cards used as currency and the other deck of character cards used for special abilities and victory points.

Professor Evil and the Citadel of Time Review

The goal of PEatCoT is to unlock and recover four treasures before Professor Evil locks away four of his own in a secret vault.

On your turn, you get to do three actions plus resolve one of two action cards drawn from your character-specific action deck. Things you can do include moving from room to room, unlocking doors, deactivating switches, and recovering treasures.

Felicity, the Cat in the Sack Review

Felicity, the Cat in the Sack is a hand-management, auction, and bluffing game for three to five players. Players contribute animals to nine communal sacks and bid on the contents of those sacks. The player with the most points wins.