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Review Roundup

Welcome to another Saturday, beautiful readers. We're in a bit of the "calm before the storm." The last weekend before Gen Con. I did some grocery shopping specifically for the trip (granola bars and cough drops to have in my satchel as I run all around Indy). Next will be making a packing list to make sure I've got everything I need while there. What sort of prep do you guys have going on?

Well, take a small break from all that packing and painting and whatever else you're doing to enjoy some reviews we found during the week.

In this week's batch, we've got reviews/previews of: Systema Gaming Base-0 HQ Unit, Police Precinct, Random Encounter, Roadkill Rivals, Fleet Wharfside, Specter Ops, Karma, The Voting Game, DeadFellas, Black Fleet, Fief: France 1429, Imperial Assault, Flea Market, and Gold Ahoy.

Graven Games:

Systema Gaming Base-0 HQ Unit Review

Systema Terrain

Today we build the Base-0 HQ Unit from Systema Gaming, a company specialising in laser-cut MDF terrain kits for wargaming. The Base-0 range is a set of great looking sci-fi kits that would work well in 25-32mm wargames including Infinity and Warhammer 40k. This is the first part in a series of reviews we’ll be doing on the base-0 kits, eventually combining these modular kits together into an awesome multi-level battlefield for our games.

Board Game Quest:

Police Precinct Review


I have an absolutely unabashed love for television police procedurals going all the way back to my youth. From reruns of CHiPs and Dragnet, to Homicide: Life on the Street and the omnipresent-on-cable Law and Order franchise, they’ve always provided me a view (albeit not always an accurate one) into the world of law enforcement.

At the same time, my other major interest of gaming seemed to be bereft of games that involved this vast amount of content and theme. Having heard excellent things about Police Precinct by Common Man Games, I was very interested in backing the Kickstarter campaign for the reskinning and reprinting of the game. Did Police Precinct gather all the evidence to prove that it is a solid game beyond a reasonable doubt, or are there enough holes in the game to lead to a dismissal? Read on to find out.

Police Precinct is a cooperative game for 1-6 players, that takes between 60-90 minutes to play. Police Precinct plays best with 2-4 players, and also plays well as a solo game.

Random Encounters Preview


I have been part of a regular gaming group for the last 6 years. I have gone from a person that never played Dungeons and Dragons to now taking the role of Dungeon Master. Over those last 6 years, I have been attempting to get some of my friends who are just as inexperienced in D&D when I started, to take a seat at the table.

Unfortunately, bribery and pleading haven’t gotten many of my friends to take the plunge into a full RPG, however, I have succeeded at getting them to play board games that have some of the same characteristics, like Descent.

Today, we will be looking at a game that scratches that co-op fantasy RPG itch, Random Encounters. A game that allows players to experience 3 levels of chaos as they must work together to make it through the obstacles thrown their way. Let’s get into the preview to see if it is a game you want to help get funded.

Roadkill Rivals Preview


I am fortunate to live in New Jersey, wrongfully maligned by the entertainment-media complex to cause the rest of the country to think it’s a state filled with nothing but oil refineries, greased up beachgoers, and gangsters. This couldn’t be further from the truth: we have farms and forests and nature abound, truly fulfilling its nickname of the Garden State. Want to know what happens though when suburban sprawl meets the natural world? Road kill, and lots of it. I see it every day.

What does this have to do with Roadkill Rivals by Pygmy Giraffe Games? Not much, other than I thought it was a clever intro. Does Roadkill Rivals do a smash-up job, or does it remain a bloody mess for the vultures to eat up? Read on to find out.

Roadkill Rivals by Pygmy Giraffe Games is a card game for 2-6 players, that plays between 15-30 minutes. In our plays, we found that it played best with 3-4 players.

Fleet Wharfside Preview


I own Fleet and have enjoyed my plays of it as I took on the role of a Fleet Captain managing my boats, licenses and hunting down those elusive fish. Fleet maintains a solid foothold in my game collection. Designers Ben Pinchback and Matt Riddle, along with Eagle-Gryphon Games are bringing us back to the world of Fleet with a new game called Fleet Wharfside. Fleet Wharfside uses a simple and quick, yet engaging card-play to challenge each player (Captain) to acquire and fulfill the most profitable contracts.

Fleet Wharfside is currently on Kickstarter through August 4th and is a game for 2-4 players that takes 20-30 minutes to play.

Board to Death TV:

Specter Ops Review

A secret agent of A.R.K. has infiltrated a top secret Raxxon facility, attempting to complete three mission objectives before they escape — but they are hunted by genetically modified Raxxon Hunters. Players can choose which side they wish to join.
Specter Ops is a sci-fi, stealth ops game of hidden movement that’s similar to Scotland Yard. Players are trying to locate/capture a mysterious agent, who keeps track of their sneaking via a private map. The other players take control of unique characters who must use their wits, abilities and technology to help them hunt down this infiltrator. Items like flash grenades, scanners, and the like are at the disposal of this covert agent.

Karma Review

In Karma, each player is dealt three face-down cards that he cannot look at and that remain on the table in front of him. He is dealt six more cards, chooses three of those for his hand, and places the remaining three face-up onto his table cards in three separate stacks. One player begins by placing a card or cards of the same value from his hand onto the table face-up to create a discard pile. The other players in turn must place onto the discard stack a card or cards of the same value that match(es) or exceed(s) the value of the top card of the stack; or else, pick up the stack. Until the draw pile is gone, players must draw at the end of their turns to maintain a hand of at least three cards.

All of a player’s hand cards must be played before any of his face-up table cards, which must in turn be played before any of his face-down table cards. A few cards allow players to break the foregoing rules. The last player with cards loses the game.

Karma is based on the public domain card game, Palace.

The Voting Game Review

The Voting Game is an adult party game that uncovers the hilarious truth about your friendships. Each Round, vote anonymously for the player that is described by the current question. Tally the votes and watch as the personalities of your friends are revealed.

Play with friends new and old, expect to discover things that you didn’t know about the other players and yourself! Winning is possible but not important. The Voting Game includes 6 game variations, 140 question cards and voting cards for up to 10 players.

DeadFellas Review

Deadfellas is a fast-paced card game about whacking Mooks in the zombie mafia.

Play Board Games:

Black Fleet Review

Black Fleet

In Black Fleet you control a merchant ship, a pirate ship and share control of the royal navy ships. You must deliver goods with your merchant ship while avoiding you opponents’ pirate ship. And try to attack your opponents’ merchant ship while avoiding the royal navy.

Shut Up & Sit Down:

Fief: France 1429 review

SU&SD is host to a grand old game today! Fief is a negotiation-heavy wargame that's been around since 1981, and a fancy new edition titled Fief: France 1429 has just arrived. What will the boys make of it?

This review features a special segment on WHEN BOARD GAMES GO BAD. It's a tear-jerker.

Imperial Assault Review

After failing to steal a miniature AT-ST in last year's Gen Con special, Matt, Paul and Quinns have come together to deliver the definitive, official verdict on Star Wars: Imperial Assault.

Is it better than its predecessor, Descent 2nd Edition? Why is Paul grunting at the camera? And why does Quinns look so sad? You'll have your answers to all this, AND MORE.

WARNING: We're currently having our copyright for this video reviewed! This is not a joke. If the link goes down, we'll repair it ASAP. Parody is fair use!


One Man’s Trash (A Review of Flea Market)

Flea Market

Don’t know what to do with that plainly looking One Ring to Rule Them All laying about? How about that tarnished Aladdin’s Lamp that just doesn’t shine up anymore? Or that Ark of the Covenant in the back of the garage just full of dust? Well, you know what they say? That’s right! Dump your trash on some unsuspecting dupe that thinks it’s his treasure! Have a yard sale – the epitome of capitalism gone small!

All That Is Gold Does Not Glitter (a review of Gold Ahoy!)

Gold Ahoy

There be treasure in these waters, and you’re out to find it. The map is a little abstract, and you kind of have to build it as you go, but you’ll find the treasure, all right, even if you have to cut your crewmate off to do it.

Enter the world of Gold Ahoy!, where the treasure is plentiful but the paths to get to it are not.