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Rivet Wars posts up photos from CoolMiniOrNot Expo

Rivet Wars creator Ted Terranova was one of our distinguished honored guests at the CoolMiniOrNot Expo last weekend. He's posted up photos from the show over on his Rivet Wars site.
It was a great pleasure to meet Mr. Terranova and I thank him for coming out to the show.

From the post:

Cool Mini Expo 2013 was a great event. We had so much fun playing games of Rivet Wars and teaching people how to play. People would learn how to play and then be teaching others how to play! And it was nice that someone could jump in and play without the cards and rivet costs and get going really quickly and then add those elements later to increase the strategic elements. I also enjoyed the panel on the development process of Rivet Wars. I got to show some really early protos and minis and do a nice long Q & A. Everyone was so nice and enthusiastic. I’m really excited for next year!