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Saturday Review Roundup

And we've successfully made it to Saturday. After the... incredible craziness that was this past week, I'm extremely thankful for just a low-key, simple Saturday. Once I'm done here I've got a Colossal to put together for a friend. Then I'm gonna just watch some movies. What movies? ... I've not really decided yet. Perhaps Snatch, The Blues Brothers, something Monty Python, ... obviously I haven't really decided yet, but it'll be good to just chill.

Before that, though, I need to get you some review articles. So let's do that.

Today we have: Savage Forged Miniatures' Stalker Zed, Crooked Dice Danger 5 7TV starter set, Legends of Andor, Escape Room in a Box, Food Chain Magnate, Blood Rage, Warhammer Quest: The Adventure Card Game, A.D.A.P.T., Pittsburgh 68, Fuse, Karuba, Kemet, Star Wars Timeline, Terra Mystica, Elysium, and Splendor.


Savage Forged Miniatures' Stalker Zed Review

Savage Forged Miniatures is a German company with a 1:48 / 38mm post-apocalyptic range of which Stalker Zed is reviewed.

Crooked Dice Danger 5 7TV starter set Review

Crooked Dice is currently publishing their 2nd edition of 7TV, a skirmish set up in cult tv shows. As such, a title like Danger 5 is way to interesting to say no, so the game design studio set up a themed box with matching miniatures and rules.

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Legends of Andor Review


Legends of Andor is a fantasy-themed, cooperative board game. You need to work as a team to complete quests and overcome the hordes attacking Andor.

Drive Thru Review:

Escape Room in a Box Preview

Since this is a Kickstarter "preview" of sorts, please know that I'm not receiving any compensation for this video. This is really a "review" of my experience, hence it's marked as such. I just really enjoyed this and want others to.

Shut Up & Sit Down:

Food Chain Magnate Review

Do you want the good news, or the bad news?

The good news is that Food Chain Magnate is an absolute barn stormer of a game. A delicious puzzle patty rolled in thematic batter, deep fried across years of playtesting(?).

The bad news is that it became almost entirely sold out between us receiving this game and publishing the review. Your best bet is to pre-order straight from Splotter, or reserve a copy at your friendly local game shop (where it should be cheaper).

Blood Rage Review

Blood Rage

Ooh, hold on to your helms! Today we’re looking at Blood Rage. That’s exciting because (a) this box gathered positive reviews last year like a corpse gathers flies, and (b) it’s called BLOOD RAGE. If you were thinking of buying this miniature-stuffed box, read on! If you were hoping to find out what a blood rage is, I warn you: I still have absolutely no idea.

2-4 players in Blood Rage control viking clans, fighting for glory in the final moments before Ragnorok shatters the world and drowns it beneath the sea. Your goal is to pillage the board’s villages, undo your friends’ plans and lay claim to the prestigious central area containing the great tree Yggdrasil which connects the 9 worlds of Norse mythology. Then you pillage that, too.

Once again: I have absolutely no idea.


Warhammer Quest: The Adventure Card Game review


Warhammer Quest: The Adventure Card Game is a co-operative game for one to four players, where you and your friends take on roles of the Old World’s iconic heroes (Warrior Priest, Dwarf Ironbreaker, Bright Wizard, and Wood Elf Waywatcher) to battle ghouls, bats, rats, goblins, and other scary monsters that live inside a dungeon.

A.D.A.P.T. Board game review


A.D.A.P.T. is a mind-blowing game which has cards and dice mechanics. Players have to adapt a few tiny Guppy Fish with help of body parts as fast as they can in to become the Master Fish!

Board Game Quest:

Pittsburgh 68 Review


It is a rare occasion when I learn something from the title of a game. When I first got the zombie themed Pittsburgh 68 into my hands, I was curious as to the meaning of the name.

After some quick internet digging, I found that the title is an homage to the godfather of the horror genre, George Romero. His famous movie Night of the Living Dead was filmed north of Pittsburgh near route 68. There, you’ve learned something today.

Fuse Review


Renegade Games has once again made an appearance on our tables with a real-time, cooperative dice rolling game called Fuse. In Fuse, players must work together to defuse a number of bombs that have been placed aboard their starship… and they have exactly 10 minutes to do this. Fuse promises fun, tense, game play were teamwork is a must. Did they deliver? Time to find out!

Fuse is a real-time, cooperative dice game for 1-5 players that takes exactly 10 minutes to play. In our experience, Fuse plays well with any number of players.


That’s Where We Wanna Go (a review of Karuba)


You’ve landed on the island of Karuba, and you know there are gold, crystals, and precious treasures to be had, but as far as you can tell, everything is a jungle thicket. Where to begin?

Well, you’ve lost your map, but you have a general sense of where the four temples are supposed to be. So grab your machete, carve a path, and race to the temples before your rivals beat you to the treasure. It’s yours to lose!

I Like King Tut and I Cannot Lie (A Review of Kemet)


In Kemet, you assume no less the mantle of a god in the “Mythic Age of Ancient Egypt” – played however merciful or oppressive you please. You will command troops, build pyramids, wield divine powers and summon legendary creatures in a bid to seize the upper hand in the Upper Nile.

Deities require a patron city, of course. Pick any on the board in any manner you’re able to agree upon. It doesn’t matter. There is neither geographical significance nor any benefit to certain locations (for reasons that will become clear below). It’s best just to use whichever one is closest to you. Because while you may play a god, in reality you do not possess one’s omnipresent reach.

Everything is proceeding as I have foreseen (A review of Star Wars Timeline)

Star Wars Timeline

A long time ago, in a galaxy far far away, a Disney executive decided that 2015 would be the year of Star Wars merch. Being the committed grown-up I am, my house is now decked out like Tatooine’s finest gift shop. The only room that isn’t emblazoned with rebel iconography or Stormtrooper masks is my bathroom, and that’s only because my husband is yet to be persuaded as to the essentialness of a Millennium Falcon toilet seat.

So it will probably come as no surprise to anyone that there has been a big push on Star Wars games over the last couple of years. We’ve seen a big ‘ol mix ranging from Loopin’ Chewie (a re-skin of amazing kids’ dexterity game, Loopin’ Louie) to 2016’s eagerly awaited Star Wars: Rebellion (a 3-5 hour game in the vein of Twilight Imperium).

Star Wars Timeline falls somewhere in the lower end of that accessibility spectrum. Timeline is a well (though recently) established trivia game brand, with a good range of easily acquired titles. Star Wars Timeline is suitable for for a wide range of Star Wars fans, placing itself as a perfect introduction for non-gamers.

Toucan Play That Game:

Terra Mystica Review

Elysium Review

Splendor Review