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Saturday Snippets

Hey there, everyone. I hope your Saturday is going by nicely. Mine's doing just fine. I've got some Joy Division playing (They keep calling me!!) and after I finish typing this up, I'm going to play a couple games so I can write some review articles for the site in the next couple weeks. Should be a good time.

Anyway, the reason we're here is, of course, because we've collected some bite-sized stories for you and present them to you now.

In this batch we've got: The Fiver with Ben Pierro on Designing Foodtown Throwdown, Brigade Models Release Soviet Spaceships, Manorhouse Workshop Update #28 – Modular Underground Project – The Box, and Secrets of the Third Reich Second Edition coming to Kickstarter,

The Fiver with Ben Pierro on Designing Foodtown Throwdown

Foodtown Throwdown

Hello! My name is Ben Pierro and I am an artist from Chicago. Aside from games and gaming I spend a lot of time checking out the city – its food and music cultures, sports and theaters. Can’t imagine living anywhere else!

Brigade Models Release Soviet Spaceships

Our new Soviet spaceship fleet, which was initially released at Salute, has finally hit the website.

This initial release consists of eight models - six ships and two fighter types - as well as two packs. The Fleet pack has two battleships plus escorts, while the carrier pack has a carrier, thirty fighters plus escorting ships.

SFSP-1201 – Soviet Fleet Pack – £22.00
SFSP-1202 – Soviet Carrier Pack – £22.00
SFS-1200 – Voroshilov class Battleship – £7.50
SFS-1210 – Varyag class Carrier – £9.00
SFS-1220 – Groznyy class Heavy Cruiser – £3.00
SFS-1221 – Isakov class Light Cruiser – £2.00
SFS-1230 – Stoykiy class Destroyer – £1.25
SFS-1240 – Molniya class Frigate – £0.75
SFS-1260 – Sokol class Interceptor (x12) – £1.50
SFS-1261 – Grif class Fighter-Bomber (x12) – £1.50

Manorhouse Workshop Update #28 – Modular Underground Project – The Box


Hello everyone.
Today we present the mock-up of the box: “Oblivion Starter Set”
The first box of many others that you will discover during the Kickstarter.
The dimensions are “important”: 32 x 50 x h12 cm. and it will be full, full of pieces.
But the most important thing is: we are about to receive the first hard plastic sprues. (A matter of a few hours really)
We have already seen a photo sent by the company. (pity it is not the most for publication …) but we can assure you that when you will see the result obtained from the steel mold … you will be impressed very favorably
All the best. Lorenzo

Secrets of the Third Reich Second Edition coming to Kickstarter

Third Reich

Secrets of the Third Reich has been a huge success since its launch and there is a loyal following for the game worldwide. Since we launched it, though, players have wanted three things from us. A tighter ruleset, expansion to other theatres and of coursework minis. We've been listening and the time is now right to launch Secrets II.

The SoTR II Kickstarter launches on Friday the 5th June.........