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Scorpion Masque Releasing Decrypto Next Year

Scorpion Masque will be coming out with Decrypto next year. It puts you and your team against an oponent's team as you try and pass hidden messages to one-another, while also trying to decipher the other team's messages. In anticipation of the game's release, Scorpion Masque is running a little contest where you can win a copy for yourself.

From the announcement:

A Riddle is found in this teaser of decrypto (Exit 2018). SOLVE IT TO WIN 2 copies of the game before its release. Share massively, ask for help in "tagging" your friends, gather around, because it's big!

#Decrypto is a communication game in which you join a team of encrypteurs. Your Mission is to transmit secret codes to your teammates without your opponents being able to intercept them.