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Sedition Wars breaks through another goal

Sedition Wars broke through another stretch goal, and more-than-likely will be breaking through their next one again here soon.

From the update:

Another stretch goal smashed!

Every copy of Dr Hexen will ship with her evolved version free! Ships together with Dr Hexen in March 2013.

Let's see what else is in the little box of goodies shall we? Maybe some playmates for those cute baby Drones?

"The Strain nano-spore has an affinity for improvising with the remnants of human anatomy. Among the most twisted and insidious of necroforms crafted from organic remains is the Bonecrab. This crawling aberration is a nightmare sculpted from a skull and functioning phalangeal limbs.

The Bonecrab attacks by latching on to a living victim and spiking nano-tendrils into its host. This invasive parasitic attack leaves the victim helpless while the creature seizes control of the his motor functions. Once the victim is absorbed into the Strain construct, the Bonecrab detaches, and moves on in search of new prey."

Every Biohazard set gets 6 of these skittering horrors if we hit our stretch! Ships in March 2013, unpainted and unassembled. And yes, there are rules for these things.... brrr...