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Shadowrun: Anarchy RPG Book Now Available

Shadowrun is where a lot of players go to get their cyberpunk on. It's a setting that's got a long and storied history, with lots of supplements and players all over the world. It... can be kinda intimidating, actually, if you're a new player and want to get into it. Where do you begin? Where's a good jumping-on point? Well, Catalyst Game Labs is here to help with Shadowrun: Anarchy, which is now available.

This book is designed to get you, a potential new player, a bit of backstory you need to get you into the game world as well as the rules in an easy-to-digest format. Just get yourself some equipment and maybe a spell or two and you're ready to get going. It contains a bunch of pre-made characters that you can tweak to what you want, and various scenarios that you can put those characters in.

Today's the release date, so go grab your copy now.