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Sigma Event 2177 Gruntz Lite Starter Set Up On Kicktarter

We all know my love of 2-player starter sets. They're a rather economical way to get you and a friend into a game system. Or, even if you don't have a friend to immediately split the cost with, you still get two playable armies that you can use to start teaching others to play. Well, if you're interested in learning to play Gruntz Lite, you might want to check out the Sigma Event 2177 2-player starter set that's up on Kickstarter now.

The set comes with 24 minis. It also has all the cards required to play them, as well as a rules sheet. So, basically, you get some glue, you get some dice, you get a place to play, and you're ready to go. Will you take on the role of the HADES Reapers or the Hive? Will mankind rule, or will the bugs prove their evolutionary superiority?

The Kickstarter's a bit more than 50% funded with still 28 days left on the clock.