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Skirmisher Publishing makes Cat Calls

Skirmisher Publishing has released Cat Calls, a new adventure for their Swords of Kos RPG setting.

Cat Calls


From the release:

It’s evening at the Jolly Hippocampus tavern. Locals who frequent the place work on the nearby docks and the establishment is well known among them for its low-key and quiet nature and is perfect for the down-on-his-luck adventurer. But something is skulking in the gathering darkness and the tavern has a secret that is about to shatter its unassuming image and take away the tranquility it has thus far enjoyed.

"Cat Calls" is an OGL adventure designed for four to six 3rd-level characters. It is an official Swords of Kos Fantasy Campaign Setting adventure and can be used with it or any other traditional fantasy milieu. This scenario includes six pre-generated characters that gamers can use if desired, and three separate 11x17 maps with 1-inch squares that can be used in conjunction with miniatures.