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SlugFest Games launches RDI Organized Play Program

SlugFest Games has announced a new organized play program for The Red Dragon Inn.


From the announcement:

Hey SlugFans!

We are pleased to announce the launch of our official Organized Play program for The Red Dragon Inn! You can now come to your local game stores and play in Tournaments for your chance to win new promo cards. The launch of this program is a huge undertaking and we are eager to see how you all like it! Your Friendly Local Game Store can now order Organized Play Kits. What’s in the kit? Glad you asked!

-4 Tournament Prize Packs. Each pack contains twenty participation cards to be handed out to anyone who attends and three premium cards to be handed out as prizes. That’s enough prize support for four tournaments!
-A poster for advertising the event for a store-front window.
-Copies of the RDI Tournament Rules documents so you don’t have to print them out yourself.