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Soda Pop Taking Orders For Furious Fungomancer

The new masterclass mini-boss for Super Dungeon Explore is one fun guy! ... wait... *reads notes*... I mean one fungi. It's the Furious Fungomancer, and he's here to terrorize the heroes. He can even turn heroes into fungi, just like him. As such, there's an extra mini that comes in the set for if/when that happens. You can order yours now.

From the website:

The latest masterclass miniature for Super Dungeon, the Furious Fungomancer! This new Kinoko Mini-Boss is sure to terrorize the field as his magical powers turn heroes into MUSHROOMS! This unique new mini-boss is sure to liven up any game in the Super Dungeon line! This item contains two masterclass resin models, one for the Fungomancer itself and another for any hapless heroes it changes into mushrooms.